The National Youth Education Department of Triumph The Church And Kingdom Of God In Christ was founded by Triumphant Visionary and Transformative Youth Leader, Rev. Esther Bernice Harris. Rev. Harris was appointed as the first National Youth Supervisor by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel H. Harris in 1955.

A true champion for youth causes and a New World trailblazer, Rev. Harris knew that the youth of Triumph needed a spiritual system that would allow them to grow spiritually. They also needed encouragement in their academic quest to further their education in a way that encouraged them utilizing their skills and education for the building of the Triumphant Kingdom. Under the leadership of Rev. Harris, the Youth Department began to grow in each district, state and local church. Many youth leaders were trained and appointed to dedicate their time to the youth of the church. In addition to laying the foundation for growth, Rev. Harris knew that she could not stop there. One of her greatest accomplishments was the highly acclaimed Youth Conferences. District by district and state by state, youth from throughout the Triumphant Kingdom looked forward to the Youth Conference in their area. This was the proving ground for youth leadership, youth training, and spiritual education and growth for Triumphant youth.

On the national level, Rev. Harris founded the birthed the National Chautauqua convention. She organized the first Chautauqua in 1964 in Washington, DC. This is the gathering for the National Youth Conference, during each National Chautauqua. In this forum, the national educational scholarship was created. Youth, the Triumphant Kingdom over, have participated in the National Scholarship Essay Contest to receive funding to help them to further their education. Never one to allow youth to sit on the sidelines, Rev. Harris encouraged all youth to further their education and to bring their gifts and talents back to Triumph The Church And Kingdom of God In Christ. The Youth Department awarded many Triumphant young adults scholarships to begin their secondary education. Being a transformative leader, she excited her staff to mirror the scholarship program on the district, state, and local levels.

Rev. Harris served in the capacity of National Youth Supervisor from its’ birth until 2003. At the International Quadrennial Religious Congress, in Jackson, Mississippi, the National Youth Department experienced a changing of the guard. Under the leadership of Chief Apostle Zephaniah Swindle, Mother Maple Buck was appointed as the National Youth Education Director. During this same convening, Elder Tracey Booker was appointed as the first Assistant National Youth Director. Mother Buck served in the office until February of 2005, when she was promoted to the office of National Mother of Triumph The Church And Kingdom Of God In Christ. Elder Booker served as the Assistant National Youth Supervisor until March of 2008, when she was appointed as the National Marketing Director of Triumph The Church And Kingdom of God In Christ.

In July of 2005, Apostle Swindle appointed Mother Doris Ann Woods as the National Youth Education Director. Mother Woods served in the office until her life transition in July of 2010, at which time, Mother Carol D. Whittiker was appointed as the National Youth Director at Chautauqua 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Currently, Mother Carolyn D. Whittiker is leading at the helm of the National Youth Education Department with a capable staff of youth supervisors and youth workers throughout the Triumphant Kingdom. Mother Whittiker serves with the foundational principles of the National Youth Department as a guide. She is dedicated to the furthering of the work of youth ministry and to see the youth of Triumph to thrive in the Lord. She is a firm believer of the principles of the National Youth Department core best practices, which are:

·                Educate youth in positive directions

·                Teach Triumphant principles

·                Teach God works in their life through their mind

·                Teach education, wisdom and knowledge is a present that God gives to enhance the quality of life

·                Teach youth to let the spirit of God to direct their life

·                Teach youth to dream “Big”

·                Encourage youth to achieve and aspire for greatness

The National Youth Department is championing the cause of Triumphant youth, building on a firm and solid foundation for the next generation of Triumphant leaders.