Greetings Fellow Members:
As our Country and the World are faced with a pandemic caused by the Corona
Virus, we are faced with a new reality. We are watchful and concerned for you.
Our first response was to address the Church in deciding to cancel the Board
Meetings to be held in Atlanta.

We are proud of the way each Department responded and used other resources
to accomplish a need.

It has also come to our attention that some of you desire a statement on safety,
proper hygiene and navigation through this attack on God’s People.
First, we pray. For our greatest intercession will come from Almighty God. On
local levels, as leaders, you are aware of the status in your area, therefore I need
you to make the decision on attendance. However, in your consideration, let the
cause be the health of our people for our foundation is Everlasting Life. When
we follow God’s Divine Plan, all things will be added and whatever is lost will be
replenished twice over.

Regarding the National Chautauqua, at this time, no decision of change has
been made. We are giving more time to government and Health Organizations
to manage containment.

We caution you to observe the rules and regulations of local authorities in your
area for they are put in place for your protection.

Be patient and kind to others and remember these are perilous times for all.
Above all, hold to that eternal hope of life that Triumph brings to all humanity.
Again, we are proud of your response to the recent decision to not assemble for
National Board Meetings.

In Love, Triumphantly,

The Chief Apostle R.D. Clark and Executive Staff

CDC Guidelines
-Wash Hands (20 seconds)
-Greet without touching
-Manage distance while in groups
-Keep restrooms clean
-Periodically sanitize high traffic areas in your home

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