Holy Greetings and All hail to the Saints of God everywhere.  

Today we reach out to you with the inspiration of my favorite Scripture,         

Titus 1:2 “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began”. 

 Our present reality finds us in the 6th month of this Worldwide Corona Pandemic.  Due to political and economic considerations, decisions have been made to relax portions of the lock down restrictions to permit the re-opening of cities.  This does not mean that the virus is any less virulent, but only that its stay in place restriction is being modified.  There are many of us who might be affected by this new dynamic, with no other option to provide for their families, than to re-enter the workforce.  For them our continuing prayers will be mixed with concern that they will exercise the greatest caution, and as much as possible create their own safety zone, even in the workplace.

 There is also the question and concern as to when we should resume the physical scheduling of our structured activities.  At present there are too many controversial variables involved with the Corona Virus to provide us with the sense of security needed to resume our physical activity.  I understand that some are growing impatient and are ready for us to pick up where we left off.  I appreciate the zeal and the readiness of our people, for that’s what makes us so great; but, at this time, for the benefit of our collective, I would urge just a little more patience and we will enjoy the fruits of victory together.

Saints, we must not allow the inconsistencies and contradictions of this worlds circumstances to dilute our Triumphant Instinct of Survival.  For this instinct is now prompting us to take heed: as long as we continue to be bombarded with messages that inform us of a projected spike of the Corona Virus… , yet…to come to our cities.  As long as we continue to be informed of a new wave of the Corona Virus… , yet… to hit our cities, then it’s up to us not to risk the lives of any of our people, by exposing them, at this time, to the uncertainties of travel and lodging.  

Continue to be safe  

Chief Apostle R.D. Clark

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