Dr. Tedra E. C. Booker, President

The E. D. Smith National Schools of Prophets, also called “The National School,” will administer a network of schools, also called “The Schools.” The Schools will enroll learners from the conferences of and communities served by Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, also called “The Church.”  Through the Schools, The National School will enroll prophets, leaders, and seekers. A student may study in a seminar, certificate, diploma, or degree program The study must satisfy an approved plan of work, learner’s aspiration in a Church ministry or department, or student professional-development program.


The National School will stand as a source of intellectual rigor and prophetic vision; of spiritual energy; and as sustaining support and inspiration for strong leadership that shapes society and the future.  Learners in The Schools will explore new scholarship that teaches, integrates, and applies Triumph-doctrinal perspectives about the arts and sciences of life and spirituality.  The mission of The National School is also to build leadership strength in The Church and the communities it serves by providing prophetic leadership.  The National School will provide its learners with a higher moral and religious education through the written, spoken, and revealed word of God for the district, state, and county conferences. The National Schools’ curricula will be designed to prepare students to be seekers, prophets, and leaders in Church and associated ministries of The Church. Any student that a School approves for admission can benefit from its program and is welcomed. Seminar courses, for example, will be tailored for persons irrespective of educational levels.


The foundation course for all studies in the Schools of Prophets will be a new Kingdom-planting and world-changing discipline known as Triology.  Triology is a word coined by Chief Apostle Russell D. Clark, a successor of Father Elias Dempsey Smith. The word comes from the words ‘Triumphant’ and ‘logos’.  To be triumphant is to have the integrity of knowledge of the power of God in man and women to subdue and conquer death in the body. The ending syllable ‘ology’ comes from the Greek ‘logos’, which refers to the study of meaning and discourse (including spoken, written or revealed Word of God). The combination of ‘Tri’ and ‘ology’ gives ‘Triology’:  the systematic study of written sacred texts, spoken Word, and revealed Word about God’s plan for humanity in pursuit of eternal life.


The National School will try to reach church members where they live.  The National School will provide consultative and support services to assist jurisdictional Schools to establish quality academic programs, best practices, student records management, and administrative policies required of approved schools.  Any District, Annual, or Quarterly Religious conference, or Local Church may establish a jurisdictional school when it is approved and governed by the standards and requirements of THE NATIONAL SCHOOL.  A Local Church School must have at least seven (7) students to be approved by The National School.