Mother Willie M. Davis is the proud mother of a blended family that includes three daughters, three sons, seven grand-children and two great-grandchildren, all of whom she cherished dearly.  As a part of her love for the extended family, she retired early to assist with the care of her last surviving uncle and aunt.  As their health began to decline, she and Brother Davis decided that their home would be theirs; unfortunately, they both passed the following year within months of each other.

Mother Davis became a member of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ after marrying Brother Ernest L. Davis.  As a “Born for Triumph” and love for the church member, she is always dedicated to the uplifting of the Church, its members, and leaders.  She bought with her Christian Experiences as President of the Usher Board and Assistant Church Secretary where she worked untiringly learning the importance of balancing weekly and monthly ledgers and preparing yearly reports. Not long after becoming a member of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, Mother Davis started and organized the usher board in her local church and carried out organization within the 6th District West where she was later elevated to District Usher.

A natural talent for numbers became a hallmark of her many talents for organization as she continued her well-earned work ethics within the overcoming body of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ.  Her love for numbers lead to an appointment as District Auditor of 6th District West, where she traveled throughout the District, informing the shepherds, managers and secretaries of forms and other documentation required for IRS, should there be an audit of the church record keeping process.  In addition to serving as a District Auditor, Mother Davis was asked to serve as Assistant General Auditor to Brother John Edon, who was the National General Auditor at that time. In Addition to the above statement, Mother Davis has been elevated over the years in progressively higher assignments as a licensed teacher, Shepherd Mother, County Mother, State Mother of Tennessee, and as District Mother of 6th District West.

In March of 2016, Mother Davis was appointed Chairperson for Triumph Village Christian Academy and Preschool before the name was changed to Triumph Child Development Center. Her board consisted of members possessing various expertise from the organization, community and the Shepherd of the Jackson, MS Church.  Over a four plus year period, she steered the School from a negative balance (worth, income, and expenses) to a plus in all categories.  She contributes her success to the great work of all members of the Board, local church leaders and members, and the employees of the School.

Alongside her husband, Brother Ernest Davis, as he serves as State Advanced School of Wisdom Superintendent, she serves as one of the Advanced School of Wisdom teachers every third Sunday of the month. Mother Davis leads the charge for “Mission Sunday” every other month.

In 2017, Mother Davis organized and currently serves as President of a group known as “Triumphant Women Called to Serve.” Since the beginning, the women volunteered to assist in a Soup Kitchen, serving all who stopped by for a meal. The organization donates clothing to Homeless Charities in Memphis and in Jackson, TN, along with contributing personal products to the YWCA for battered women.

The group meets monthly and usually invites a guest speaker every third month to speak on various topic for encouragement to the group as well as anyone joining the session. 

Mother Davis is spiritual leader and knows God’s Word is true and everlasting, therefore, knowing Life is Right and her reward is Eternal Life.

Professionally, Mother Davis began her work career with the Internal Revenue Service as a part time seasonal worker which turned into full time career of over 34-year years. While working as a clerk, she decided that she wanted a better position, so she set her goals on becoming a computer operator. From there she advanced to lead operator, to manager, and eventually to upper management.  During the last four years of her 34-year career, she received three promotions within eighteen months, which afforded her the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. for approximately three years. 

Her favorite quote is “Do unto Others as you would have them do unto You” which speaks to her commitment of giving her best to any endeavor that she undertakes. Live!!!