The E. D. Smith National Schools of Prophets, hereinafter called “The National School,”
administers a national set of networked schools, hereinafter called “The Schools.” The
Schools will enroll individuals from the conferences, churches, and communities served by
Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, hereinafter called “The Church.”
Through The Schools, The National School will enroll three categories of students: Prophets,
Leaders, and Seekers. A student will study in a seminar, certificate, diploma or degree
program. The study will be consistent with the requirements of a special church commission
or student aspiration in a church ministry or department, or student professional
development relative to the mission of “The Church”.
The mission of The National School is to deepen the spiritual life of members in churches
and communities served by The Church. To achieve its mission, through The Schools; The
National School will provide its students with a higher moral and religious education
through the chief discipline of the written, spoken, and revealed Word of God for district,
state, and county conferences. The National Schools’ Curricula are designed to prepare
students to be seekers, prophets, and leaders in church and associated ministries of The
Church. An ideal student of The Schools will be divinely called, qualified, and set apart
pursuing appointment, ordination, commission, and professional or spiritual development.
However, any student that a school determines can benefit from its programs will be
welcomed. Seminar courses, for example, are tailored to meet the needs of persons
irrespective of educational levels.
consideration for the position of President. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit
applications to:
The EDSNOP Search Committee in care of:
Minister Lydia Hylton – Assistant to General Recording Secretary
254 Crittenden Way Apt 6__________________________
Rochester, NY 14623______________________________
Applications may be received as a hard copy (mail to address above) or electronically to:
The E. D. Smith National Schools of Prophets’ (The National School) Board, through its
Presidential Search Committee, Chief Apostle and Ecclesiastical National Executive Board
invites inquiries, nominations, and applications for the position of President.
The EDSNSOP seeks an innovative, forward thinking leader whose career provides evidence
of demonstrated success in senior-level leadership as well as a collaborative, consensusbuilding
leadership style. The Board expects the new leader to bring stability to the
institution and initiate dynamic changes at this critical time in the EDSNOP’s history. The
next president should be a visionary leader who will embrace and foster the rich heritage and
identity of EDSNOP as part of the Ecclesiastical Framework for the National Church. In
that respect, the studies of the school support the spiritual concerns and issues from
perspectives related to beliefs and teachings of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in
Christ and the Holy Bible as a Faith-Based School. It is expected that the next president
of EDSNOP will take office in the summer of 2020. The position will remain open until
filled. However, for full consideration by the search committee, applications should be
submitted no later than:
April 30, 2020.
Applications should consist of the following documents, in PDF format:

  1. A detailed cover letter expressing the candidate’s interest in and qualifications for the
  2. A Resume;
  3. Three references representing diverse relationships with the candidate including current
    contact information and a note explaining the working relationship of each to the
    (One of the three References should include YOUR District Apostle)
  4. EDSNSOP is an equal opportunity employer.
    The Job Description will be finalized upon selection of the preferred candidate and will
    incorporate the following desired attributes:
    The preferred candidate should possess many of the following aspects of experience,
    character and leadership:
    • Earned doctorate or terminal degree (ABD acceptable – terminal degree validated
    within 12 months).
    • History of maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards both personally and
    • Ability to embrace and advance the history, mission, and core values of EDSNSOP as
    an Ecclesiastical, faith-based institution.
    • Broad knowledge of current and emerging issues facing higher education.
    • Strong academic background including successful teaching experience.
    • Being respectful of students, faculty, staff, board, and all other constituencies.
    • Student-centered and student-success focused.
    • Commitment to the recruitment, retention, and matriculation of students.
    • Experience in building relationships, nurturing alumni engagement, and fund-raising,
    particularly leading successful major gifts campaigns.
    • Experience and ability to oversee marketing, branding, and overall communications
    • Proficiency in the comprehensive development and implementation of Strategic Plans
    with measurable outcomes.
    • Leadership style grounded in servant leadership and encompassing strategic thinking,
    problem-solving, and solution-oriented approaches, with special attention to
    collaboration and consensus-building.
    • Demonstrated ability and willingness to be a strong, visible, and enthusiastic campus
    advocate and presence.
    • Commitment to providing the highest quality of instruction, ongoing scholarship,
    enrollment growth, and a rewarding student and staff experience.
    • Transparency in all operational functions of the position.
    • Ability to ensure financial solvency of the institution.
    • Adept resource manager.
    • Transparent, approachable, and engaging communications style.

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