DIVINE Greetings, to the Members of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ and Fellow Triumphians throughout the world.

We must recognize and be ever grateful for the Triumphant Spirit working through the Apostles and staff members directing the church through another smooth transition of leadership. I am greatly honored to be the one selected to serve as the leading official of this great organization. I will be forever mindful that this awesome responsibility requires of me: a prayerful life, a commitment to truth, and a dedication to the principles outlined in the Charter Of Incorporation of Triumph The Church And Kingdom Of God In Christ: July 18th, 1918.

We must continue to move forward to overcome the many tasks and challenges that confront us. Institutions that successfully transcend time, are those that when called upon to prove their relevance to evolving times and circumstances, are able to demonstrate a survival flexibility. The Triumphant Institution must also demonstrate flexibility; a 21st century adaptation to current issues and times.

Not only will we meet the challenge of relevance; but, we will do so without violating the foundational principles of our church. Man’s inherent divinity and the doctrine of eternal life represent the foundational elements and the core inspiration of Triumph Church’s reality.

This basic core of Triumph’s inspiration of life is a Meta Physical construct. It is rooted in the concept, that, there is a Universal Source Of Power, that we recognize as God, and there is an unawakened, unaware, soul force that we call man. And when that Universal Source Of Power that we call God, reunites with, and awakens that soul force that we call man, a transformation of life occurs. This is the transformation recorded in 1 Cor.15:54: ”then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, death is swallowed up in victory.” The God force and the Man force existing in one body. This is the core principle that we must maintain as we go forward to meet the challenges of this age.

So fellow Triumphians, the time has come to move our organization to it’s next level of development. We appeal to you, our Apostle’s and their staffs, our National Mother and the staff of the Motherhood, all National Officers, all Department Heads and their Staffs, State and County Presidents, Elders, Evangelists, Missionaries, Prophets, Teachers and Local Members, that, working together, we can accomplish what we will. In the spirit of our Founder, Father E.D. Smith, and the faithful Triumph Saints who have made the way for us, we press forever forward in this great Triumphant Church.

Triumphantly Yours, Rt. Rev. R.D. Clark