All Hail to the Saints. Although the Easter Season is not universally recognized, the one thing that’s certain is that universally, man is in serious trouble. Our prayers today must be for the deliverance of all. Therefore, our prayers today is for a worldwide healing and a hope that all humanity will be humbled with the understanding that unless we collectively seek a more secure basis on which to establish human relationships, we will never be able to insure peace on earth.
As we gaze through our Triumphant lens of prophecy and keep ourselves focused on the role that Father prophesied for us: Victory, Victory is Mine! I encourage you to keep your Triumphant focus. I encourage you to hold fast to your Triumphant Ground, and as all those familiar themes of the Easter Holiday Season flood our minds with the empowering thoughts of resurrection, let’s be Triumphantly assured that there will be a victory at hand to harbinger our resurrection.
It was 102 years ago, during the month of December 1918 that the world was in the midst of a Worldwide pandemic that dwarfed the crisis that now threatens the world. Approximately, 50,000,000 people worldwide and 675,000 people in the United States died in that pandemic. The Influenza was so contagious that all public places had to be quarantined, even in the dead of winter in this little town of Lauren, South Carolina. As Mother Atkinson describes in her book, ‘LYDIA’ (pg. 27), the Annual Meeting was scheduled to be held in their recently purchased little wooden church across the road from a graveyard. Crowds had come from both North and South Carolina. She said that Father Elias Dempsey Smith was to preside the meeting, and the entire meeting was held outside on the porch. She said that they could see two or three bodies brought to the little cemetery daily but, they had no fear because Father Smith said, “none of them would get sick or die.”
It is all right to worry, it is human to worry. It is all right to be concerned, it is human to be concerned, but my worries and my concerns are: In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began. (Titus 1:2). So now, the world is in shock, and so are we. The world is in confusion, and so are we. The world is in depression, and again, so are we.
God always has a special Word for the observant. The Word might come from an Annual Meeting that took place 102 years ago; an Annual Meeting that was locked out of its building because of a deadly Worldwide Flu Pandemic; an Annual Meeting being conducted on a porch in the cold and rain of December; a porch that gave the congregants full view of a small cemetery across the road to which two or three bodies were brought daily for burial. An Annual Meeting presided over by The Founding Father of Triumph Church: Father E.D. Smith who said, “Never mind the death transaction going on across the road, on this porch, none of you will get sick or die.”

Chief Apostle RDC