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New Mouth and Voice of God

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A New Day



On the hills of the School of Prophets’ class on Hermeneutics (the science of interpretation), facilitated by Dr. Nathanael Pollard, Jr. and Elder Medoria Burks, Triumph The Church and Kingdom of God and Christ experienced God move in synergistic form. The Church was immediately able to see how changes in thought provide the opportunity for God to manifest.


The energy was high on Sunday, July 29, 2012 in the Biannual Chautauqua. There were many in attendance to be eyewitnesses of the inauguration of the first female apostle, Apostle Orpah R. Francis. Even the music was elevating, as the Life Giving Institutional Mass Choir, led by the National Minister of Music, Mother Gwendolyn “Joy” Hendon, lifted the spirits of the congregation. There was a sense that The Church had reached a new day, a new insight, a new understanding, a new revelation, and a new experience.


With many in the congregation attending the School of Prophets, the way was made to receive Chief Apostle R. D. Clark and his message. One of Apostle Clark’s opening statements was that he was glad to see so many beautiful black people and that he was going to provide some psychology. “Black people need psychology!” the Apostle said. As an aside, just from that bit alone in relaying the message of the Chief, one of the writer’s friends, who just happens to be a psychologist said, “I want to hear him speak. The next time he speaks let me know. I want to be there”. It is too bad that Apostle Clark is not within driving distance from Alabama. However, I will be sure to invite Dr. Earl Jones, Sr. on Apostle Clark’s next visit to Dothan, AL. Prayerfully, it won’t be too long. I am sure he will thoroughly enjoy the full content of the Chief Apostle’s message.


In making reference to the prior day’s class, Apostle Clark expounded on the use of allegory, metaphor, and symbolism. He let it be known that you can’t take anything you read at face value, especially when it comes to religious and sacred text. There are layers within layers and to approach these texts as everyday reading is to miss the most important messages contained in them. This is perhaps the reason there are so many interpretations of the simplest words and phrases within in the bible, not to mention what has been left out. This is also why Hermeneutics is important. Once one knows that in many instances things, particularly things in nature such as trees, rivers, stones, earth, oceans, wind, and plants symbolize other things entirely new revelations can be obtained. One must be careful to look past the physical representation of things to the spirit that it represents. For example, if one were to conclude that trees represent family lineage, strength, roots, or growth, one could obtain a deeper understanding of their uses in biblical text. Use of hermeneutics would also add character to the parables that Jesus used to impart wisdom to his disciples and shed light on scripture from Genesis to Revelations. Two of the most well known trees are the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When eating, digesting, interpreting, or feeding one can be rooted in eternal life or in the knowledge of good and evil. When God created things, including man, he looked around at his creation and it was “good”. However, God gave man the ability to name things. Once man ate from, became rooted in, and grew in the knowledge of good and evil, he began to name things evil that God called good. He also began to die. What does this say about our judgments and knowledge? Eat from life, not from the judgmental knowledge of good and evil.


 Apostle Clark’s central theme was “The Sacred Cow is Only Good for a Hamburger”. He stated how the cow was sacred in Hindu religion and in India. Even as many go hungry, the cow is not to be touched because it represents sacredness and the souls of those who have deceased, in Hindu religion. More applicable, is the idiom the “sacred cow” represents. The sacred cow, as Apostle Clark, explained, is something that is beyond criticism or reproach. Whether it is a belief system, tradition, practices, or organization; the sacred cow in the minds of many represents something that shouldn’t be examined, even if it is not beneficial. “The Sacred Cow is Only Good for a Hamburger,” the Chief Apostle reiterated. With many, even in Triumph, going spiritually hungry, starving even, the Apostle’s words were timely. Nothing, is beyond reproach was the impression left, particularly if its sacredness is not effective. Things must be examined to determine their usefulness and benefit. Often times, things are made sacred cows because their benefit has worn out, time has passed, and effectiveness has faded. “The Sacred Cow is Only Good for a Hamburger” used in a metaphorical, symbolic, and allegorical sense implies to us that things are sacred in their use as the needs of the people are met. In fact, if one were to take the position that all of life is sacred; then, it may be plausible that unless life is being served in word, thought, and deed, sacredness itself is not being served or achieved.


The scripture used by the Apostle was Mark 2:23 – 28. These scriptures describe how the Pharisees accused Jesus of doing something that is unlawful on the Sabbath day. Jesus’ retort was to inquire of the Pharisees whether they knew the full content of the scriptures. Jesus asked the Pharisees did they read in the scriptures where David, when having need, did eat the showbread that was only lawful for the priests to eat? In relation to what the Pharisees were asking Jesus, the scriptures applied, not only to what was lawful, but what was effective. Jesus’ explanation to the Pharisees was, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Therefore, the Son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath”. Reading these scriptures reveals the heart of the Apostle’s message, “The Sacred Cow is Only Good for a Hamburger”. In the scriptures, what Jesus reveals to the Pharisees about David, Apostle Clark’s message, and their meanings are of prime importance in hermeneutic sense and life sense. By Jesus stating that the Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath and by David eating the showbread, we learn that ceremony, sanctity, and sacredness are only effective if they are useful. Man must know when the law itself, or sacredness cows, does not serve man. In the story that Jesus retold, from the scriptures, to the Pharisees, it is interesting that the bread was for show and could only be eaten by the priests. Sometimes sacredness is for show and not for effectiveness. What good is it to have bread for show if hungry people cannot eat it? Now, we must ask ourselves how much of the sacred cow is for show and how much is for usefulness?


The next part of the Apostle’s message was powerful and relative to the day’s ceremony. He told the congregation that he wanted them to understand how the Sacred Cow can prevent them from recognizing and understanding the intent of a message. As it related to Triumph Church, he expressed how sacredness had prevented it from moving to where it needed to be. Regarding Jesus, the Apostle expressed that he wanted the congregation to know the real Jesus. Although sacredness should be applied to Jesus, there is much of the story that is missing to include the importance and prominence of women. In a male dominated society, as it was in the time of composing, editing, and interpreting the bible, women were overlooked, if not all but ignored. Their true relevance was not revealed in the scriptures. Mary Magdalene’s importance to Jesus was not talked about, discussed, or revealed. It was not exposed that Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ primary, if not the primary, confidants. As a result of the deliberate and tactical oversight, women all over the world, even though they have been primary to religious operations, have been relegated to second-class participation and honor. This day was to expose the sacred cow and to right the historical deference used in upholding such a position. This day was to celebrate how Triumph was “eating the hamburger” to make the sacred cow useful. This day was to celebrate the inauguration of the first female apostle, Apostle Orpah R. Francis, something that, if it were not for the sacred cow, would have been done long ago.


Next, Chief Apostle Clark began how to tap into consciousness and effectiveness. He stated why psychology, consciousness, and effectiveness are important tools to understanding and relating to God. Apostle Clark breached science, spirituality, and the Unified Field of Consciousness. Apostle Clark began to explain how everything in life and created by God has an intelligence. There is something that unites all that is. God put his signature on his creation by putting himself in it. Once things become self-conscious, their creative potential magnifies. Apostle Clark touched on electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak forces – the four forces in physics. All of these are united by intelligence, consciousness, and God. The Chief pointed out that in humans there are at least 50 trillion cells. Incidentally, cells contain DNA, which consciously create identity through replication, and also the melanin molecule in which Apostle Clark explained in another message travels faster than the speed of light. This is pure God power and God consciousness. Apostle Clark then explained that it is unreasonable that so much intelligence, in the way of cells, is placed in humans without it having a specific purpose to be consciously used and connect with the forces around it. Once understood and consciously used, these cells can heal any disease, understand any knowledge, achieve any goal, and exercise any power. Therefore, to achieve life, Triumphians must not only dismiss the sacred cow but also consciously use what God has given them in the way of body, consciousness, and spirit. With a Godly spirit and higher consciousness, Triumphians will most definitely achieve eternal life. Do not let sacredness hinder the effectiveness of life. Eat from the Tree of Life in mind, body, and spirit. Allow your consciousness to understand God’s word in your heart. Achieve a new and higher understanding. Start today by honoring the transformation taking place and the inauguration of Apostle Francis.


As Apostle Clark took his seat, the inauguration of Triumph’s first female apostle commenced. Apostle’s Clark, Malcom, Swindle, Buck, Carter, Gibson, Samuel Threets, Whittaker, and Briggs all partook in the beautiful ceremony. It was uplifting and inspiring to witness. The inaugural installation was designed by Apostle Francis’ nephew, Pastor Charles Jerone Francis of the Life Giving Word Center in Rochester, NY, and it was executed gracefully and wonderfully. Apostle Francis was showered with gifts, hugs, kisses and a wonderful reception led by the quorum of District Apostles and Chief Apostle. It was delightful to watch the sacred cow be dismissed and the church welcome the consciousness of God. In a most exquisite fashion, the synergy and presence of God was shown to the congregation by seeing how the proper interpretation of the voice, word, and movement of God in scripture and in life can create exceptional possibility and opportunity. Congratulations Apostle Francis. We love you!







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Tour of the Century


Remembered by Apostle J. G. Carter

Composed by Sister Twinesha Clay


Chief Apostle, R. D. Clark, began his tour of the southern districts in Atlanta, GA on April 15th, 2012. After having lunch, the Chief appeared at a Family and Friends program in Ellenwood, GA, an area that lies to the southeast of Atlanta. Not surprisingly, the Chief was greeted with an overwhelming group of supporters, well-wishers, family and friends. The reception of Chief Clark was phenomenal and showed signs of how much anticipation, faith and trust members have in him and the organization.


After soaking up the warm welcome, the Chief addressed the audience. Chief Clark presented his plans for the church – present and future. He explained to the congregation that Triumph’s original articles of incorporation and bylaws have not been followed. There is additional information that must be placed in our constitution that previous ones did not cover. The church has strayed from the original design and plan. Therefore, and in accordance with new governmental regulations established in January, 2012, the church must reorganize and restructure to meet federal standards. A major emphasis of the laws is IRS and nonprofit compliance. Additionally, churches and other nonprofits must set operational guidelines to deal with harassment and other issues that can create liability for the organizations.  Apostle Clark commissioned Dr. Nathanael Pollard, Jr. to research and inform the church and kingdom of the impact of the new regulations and standards. Under our 501c3 status, we shall be prepared by the 2014 start date of the legal applications. Let us do all that we can at the local and national levels to help with the transition. The transition may seem swift to some but remember that the bible says, “Get your house in order, for you know not the day, nor hour, when the Lord will come”.  Or, keep in mind the ten virgins (5 wise and 5 foolish) where five of them were not prepared for the coming of the Master of the house.  Apostle Clark is instituting the knowledge and wisdom necessary to get the house in order.  From here, the growth that we have longed and waited for will certainly find us; we shall enlarge our territory, and grow by leaps and bounds.


Birmingham, AL was the next stop for the southern tour.  The concept of time was discussed while traveling from Atlanta to Birmingham.  An examination of how people in different parts of the country used different demarcations of the standard Greenwich Mean Time established in October, 1884 to divide the day and measure their movements through space. Man’s use of time was examined and how time was adjusted when crossing time zones (i.e. from Eastern to Central). Since man measures time in relation to the earth’s position to the sun, it becomes easier to understand why at the battle of Gideon in the book of Joshua it appeared that the sun stood still at Joshua’s command to give the children of Israel more time to fight (Joshua 10:12). This particular part of scripture can also be interpreted as God causing the earth, and as a result, time to standstill in its revolution around the sun because, although the sun does move like everything in the universe, it is actually the movement of the earth that appears to make the sun rise and fall giving us our 24 hour day. The story becomes more interesting when we remember that God told Joshua, the son of Nun (or noon) at the battle of Jericho to carry twelve stones, one from each tribe, to cross the Jordan which can easily be viewed as the twelve divisions used on timekeeping devices. There is also relation to the lunar cycle, being on the seventh day, with seven priests, carrying seven trumpets, and circling seven times (Joshua 6:12 – 16). These sevens all add up to 28 which is the lunar cycle as we know it. Joshua 10:12 also references the moon standing still as well. With both the sun and the moon appearing to stand still, one can easily conclude that it was the earth that became motionless. Using biblical references in Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20, Apostle Clark and Apostle Carter realized that God, instead of extending time, would cut short the days of tribulation for the elect’s sake so that some flesh can be saved ALIVE. In fact, as a righteous and observant one will notice, time appears to be speeding up.  Preparation is needed, closeness to God is required, and a resounding message is critical. The tour was to spread the powerful Triumphant message in order to prepare hearts and minds to be saved alive.


Chief Apostle Clark and Apostle Carter arrived in Birmingham on Monday, April 16th at approximately 1:30 pm. They were greeted at the entrance of the hotel by Elder C. Ruffin, Sr. Chief Apostle Clark met with Apostle E. A. Threets who welcomed him to the 6th District West. They discussed District business and the Chief was treated to fine dining by the 6th District courtesy of Apostle Threets. After the meal and a little refreshing, the Chief Apostle visited Triumph Church on 1008 Ave. F. Ensley. He was greeted with open arms by church officials and members. Apostle Clark informed the congregation of the possibility of any member obtaining any position in the Kingdom, up to and including Chief Apostle. All any member has to do is apply and study for the position desired. There will be a two year moratorium placed on the normal and historic methods of promotion. The purpose is to provide ample opportunity for anyone who has sought promotion in the past and may have been hindered and to additionally put the most qualified candidates in positions who will take the church to the levels it needs to be. Favoritism will not be welcomed or tolerated as the church moves forward and only qualifications will be evaluated for openings and positions. The major vehicle for qualifying candidates for promotion is the E. D. Smith School of Prophets. The school will enhance the core concepts, teachings, and principles of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ as well as clarify and centralize its messages. This way Apostles, Presiders, Elders, Mothers, Ministers, and Teachers will be teaching the same messages based upon the truths, teachings, and understandings of the church. Apostle Clark’s comments and explanations were met with a standing ovation, understanding, and acceptance.


The next stop on the Chief’s tour was Columbia, South Carolina. He was met by Apostle F. E. Briggs and Mother B. Briggs. After resting and dining, the Chief and Apostle Carter made their way to Triumph Church located at 1722 Mayer Street. As is usual and customary, attendance was from all over the 4th District North. Chief Apostle Clark also informed the congregation in this district about the two year moratorium. He encouraged the members to apply for whatever position they desired and felt led by God to achieve. The Chief also instructed the members on how to apply by going online and filling out the appropriate applications. For those who did not have internet access, he instructed them to contact the District Apostle for the appropriate forms. Then, the Chief explained the new rules for nonprofits instituted by the federal government and in particular the IRS. He further explained that the church has two years to comply with the federal guidelines. By-laws, the church constitution, and operating procedures all have to reflect the original wording and intent of the articles of incorporation. The chief closed and was showered with handshaking, hugs, and thanks.


The next morning on April 18th it was on to Fort Lauderdale, FL and the 1st District South. Upon arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Apostles Clark and Carter were met by Elder Charles Johnson who led them to the hotel. At the hotel awaited  Apostle Samuel Threets who is the District Apostle. After breaking bread with Apostle Threets, the Chief and Apostle Carter made their way to the church for service and an informational session. Another hearty, warm, and welcoming reception awaited them. The Chief continued his explanation to this particular congregation of the status of the church and where it needs to be by the year 2014. He covered the preparation that was necessary, the amount of accuracy and detail required, and the imminence of disbanding if alignment is not achieved. He provided the same information in applying and qualifying for positions. The Chief made it a point to emphasize that youthful perspectives, energetic minds and hearts were required to obtain the next phase of growth for the church. Those who are well founded in Triumphant spirit and experience are needed to keep the Triumph light shining bright and instill the principles that have made her great. Again, the Chief was layered with much appreciation for his explanations, spirit, information, expertise, perseverance, and leadership.


Jacksonville, FL, the next stop on the southern tour, proved to be a very eventful and wonderful stop. The apostles were greeted by Apostle W. R. and Mother M. Malcom. After royal treatment and fine dining, it was off to meet and greet the members of 1st District North. The service was spirited filled as the musicians, husband and wife team of the Williams, ushered in the Spirit of God. The guitar and keyboard were electrifying as a huge amount of rejoicing took place. As the Chief was presented to the congregation, the Spirit of God was still high. There was a great deal of interaction and participation during this service. After Chief Clark informed the members of the upcoming changes, God began to express himself. The Chief recognized an elder for the spirit of change that he possessed and God led the elder to expressing his desire to one day becoming the Chief Apostle. The Spirit of God rose up in Apostle Clark as he responded by stating that a Chief Apostle could be sitting right there in the congregation. The members’ responses were soul-stirring as they cheered, roared, applauded, stood to their feet, and were overwhelmed by the spirit of God moving throughout the church. As an indication of how powerful God’s presence was in the meeting, a young lady was led to inquire of the Chief how she should handle a call of a youth outreach ministry on her life. Apostle Clark counseled her to start locally with her Shepherd and youth department and as the Spirit of God moves in and through her, form an action plan to present to the District. God’s spirit touched the District Youth Supervisor to declare her assistance in the development. Another question was asked of Chief Apostle and he directed it to Apostle Carter. The question was regarding the School of Prophets (S.O.P.). There was also a follow up question asked about the S.O.P. The questions were: 1. How does one participate if they missed the orientation? Is it a requirement of the school? 2. Is the school regionally or nationally accredited? The answers provided by Apostle Carter to these questions were: 1. A person is required to attend three classes, sessions, or seminars as deemed appropriate by the trustee board, college of apostles, director of the S.O.P., and school faculty. Someone can still participate in the school if they missed the initial orientation. There will also be schools established on the local levels if there is enough interest and participation. There is a minimum of seven participants to establish a school on a local or district level. There will also be online courses available once the instructors are prepared, become qualified, and are ready to teach courses. 2. Presently, the school is not regionally or nationally accredited. There is a possibility of accreditation in the future. The S.O.P. is to prepare Triumphians for leadership within the system and kingdom and for outside measurement and standards. One huge change is the requirement for ordained elders. To become an elder, a candidate must pass a written test consisting of no less than 200 questions. The objective of the new procedures is to provide a foundation for preparing elders to officiate marriages, ceremonies, counseling, and other church business conducted in the normal vocation of ordained elders. As a point of discussion, there was a distinction made between natural and spiritual bodies. School accreditations by sanctioned U.S. agencies use natural or worldly criteria for accreditation. However, because Triumph and the S.O.P. are spiritual entities the task of accreditation becomes much more involved and speculative. It is believed that no such form of accreditation currently exists. Yet, this very occasion may provide an opportunity for Triumph to work closely with the U.S. Department of Education and accrediting agencies to establish a different and more comprehensive form of accreditation for spiritual schools like Triumph. This is certainly a question that must be raised and addressed. Why not have Triumph lead the charge, while spreading the Triumphant message, purpose, and revelations?


After answering questions about the S.O.P., Apostle Carter turned the meeting and questions over to the hands of Chief Apostle Clark. Apostle Malcom, District Apostle, challenged the members to ask the Chief questions and raise concerns they had with him, Apostle Malcom. No member accepted the challenge; therefore, Apostle Malcom himself stated the concern that some of the members in the district had about Apostle Clark referring to the story of Jesus as a myth during the S.O.P. orientation. Taking his time and allowing the Spirit of God to work through him, Apostle Clark began by explaining what a myth was and how myths are formed. The Apostle tactfully, carefully, and spiritually informed the congregation that myths are a way of putting supernatural phenomena in words and terms that are understood and related to by the reader or hearer of the myth. Because the Spirit of God and the spirit of anyone God blesses with divine understanding and power, such as Jesus, transcend time, space, reality, and temporal existence; myths, which are only attempts to explain the unexplainable, must be formed to bring those without personal experience or eye witness accounts closer to the nature, essence, and understanding of what occurred. Often, myths, as they are recounted and spread, are expanded, exaggerated, enriched, and infused with larger and deeper truths that take deeper layers of knowledge and analysis. The enhancements of myths do not take away or detract from their basic messages. It only means that spiritual induction (i.e. S.O.P.) must be achieved to uncover the symbolism, codes, messages, truths, and realities conveyed within the ordinary language and readings. Understanding what a myth is and what it does will perhaps provide a better understanding and key to those who recognize that Jesus spoke in parables. It should certainly provide insight as to why Jesus told his disciples that many prophets and kings desired to see and hear what they had seen and heard and  provide and explanation for the reason he spoke in parables - because many would hear but not understand and see but not perceive (Luke 10:24; Matthew 13:13).  The story of Jesus is a myth, not because it is not true; but, because it has been passed down from generation to generation in code, symbolism, language, and meanings that escape the regular reader or interpreter. Notice, the Chief said the “story” of Jesus was a myth not that Jesus was. There are other mythical stories and figures that Triumphians can relate to such as Paul and Elias Dempsey Smith. These figures became mythical after their lives transitioned to the other side of the river. Chief Clark asked the members to become mythical about our leaders while they are on this side of the river, upholding them in the highest lights and greatest truths. As a matter of fact, let us become mythical about this time, this opportunity, this transcendence, and this transition. Let us spiritually hear and see how Apostle Clark is preparing the Triumph Church and Kingdom for the Everlasting Gospel by getting her affairs in order and redeeming the church body for perfection.


Let us witness this time so that we can tell our children and our children’s children, like the Israelites did, how God manifested himself and his kingdom on earth just like he does in heaven. Let us recognize that God is working in the natural through spiritual direction and guidance. And, let us not doubt for a moment that it is welcomed and needed. This is the time for our myth! Apostle Clark made reference to church militant at some point on the tour saying that God turned it upside down and made it waste. He said that God took his spirit out of church militant and placed it in the righteous church Triumph. Understand what God has done. Church militant is no longer effective or desirable. Triumph, the righteous church, is where God’s Spirit is and where God’s people are. The Everlasting Gospel is taking physical form in the spirit and actions of its members. Redeem, Perfect, and Live!










Excitement in the Air


There is a great deal of excitement in the air about the direction our great church is headed. Every location I go there is talk about how the church is getting its footing and moving towards governmental compliance and prominence.  It would have been difficult to anticipate or fathom a few years ago where minds and hearts are now about the leadership, direction, and unity that the church is forming. The School of Prophets is flourishing, establishing its first chartered school with the Lion School, May 26th, 2012 in Birmingham, AL. The church is forming a general board of trustees for business governance that is separate from the ecclesiastical board. The church is also adopting a bottom up mode of operation that is drastically different from the top down approach that has been the tradition for many years.


With all the hope, excitement, and wonderment in the air; one cannot help but be filled with anticipation and great expectations. The church and kingdom are being given back to the membership and people. It takes a great leader, leadership and foresight to evaluate the situation and recognize what is needed. It is an even greater step to begin the processes to provide for the people and make the necessary changes. We have witnessed and observed leading is not easy, particularly when the organization is mired in tradition. In order to obtain the benefits that we have longed for in Triumph it will take spiritual strength, guidance, artistry, wisdom, knowledge, prayer and support. It also takes the uniting of people who have different experiences but the same love for the church. It is time that we see our church prosper and catapult itself to the head of spiritual thought, progress, and power. We have always held the message that is needed for this age and this people. However, we have yet to leverage our knowledge and vision for the benefits they contain. We cannot be timid about who we are and what God has given us. We must thoroughly understand the importance of Father Smith’s revelation and what it means to medicine, science, philosophy, religion, government, law and society at large. WE HAVE THE KEY.


Ironically, it appears that the world is embarking on a spiritual awakening. Many messages and patterns of thought that were once unacceptable and hard to swallow, for lack of better terminology, are now being embraced. Governments, organizations, politicians, historians, doctors, and many others are looking for the underlying God signature in their operations. They are seeking to change thought, belief, mentality, and spirit into a positive union with God. They are seeking LIFE. We have always been at the forefront of the life message. With the proper internal cohesiveness, universality, knowledge of mission and message, leveraging, spiritual insight, development, and operational efficiency and effectiveness; Triumph can become the leader in spiritual, metaphysical, scientific, and philosophic thought. We have the idea, ideal, personnel, experience, revelation, imagination and belief. United, there is nothing that can or would stop us from being the pinnacle of Godly experience. It starts with the belief in eternal life and everything that life brings – prosperity, longevity, joy, happiness, fulfillment, unity and Godliness.


We are now on the verge and horizon of a great new day. There is great excitement and enthusiasm in the air. We are back to building the Kingdom through righteousness and utilizing our strengths. We are the church of the firstborn! This is the dawn of a new day and hearts are gladdened by it. Thank you Triumph for fulfilling your mission, maintaining the life message and doing what is necessary to heal the world.